Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is an officer of Rosneft whose primary responsibility is to ensure efficient implementation of the Company’s corporate policy and efficient communication among Rosneft’s shareholders, governing and supervisory bodies, and the Company.

The Corporate Secretary ensures: Rosneft’s compliance with the applicable laws, the Company’s Charter and internal documents, which guarantee protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Rosneft’s shareholders; strong shareholder relations; support of the Board of Directors’ efficient performance; enhancement of Rosneft’s corporate governance practice in line with the interests of its shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Corporate Secretary reports to the Board of Directors, is appointed and dismissed by the Chief Executive Officer based on the resolution of the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Secretary’s activities are governed by Rosneft’s Regulations on the Corporate Secretary that comply with all requirements of the Moscow Exchange and recommendations of the Bank of Russia’s Code as regards the Corporate Secretary.

Key functions of the Corporate Secretary are to:

  • contribute to enhancement of Rosneft’s corporate governance framework and practice
  • help organize preparations for, and conduct of, the issuer’s general shareholders meetings
  • support activities of the Board of Directors and its Committees
  • support communication between the issuer and its shareholders and participation in the prevention of corporate conflicts
  • ensure the implementation of procedures prescribed by legislation and the issuer’s internal documents, which guarantee exercising of the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders, and monitor compliance
  • support the implementation of the issuer’s information disclosure policy and ensure safekeeping of the issuer’s corporate documents.

Under the resolution of Rosneft’s Board of Directors (Minutes No. 34 dated 5 May 2014), the functions of the Corporate Secretary are vested in the Director of Rosneft’s Corporate Governance Department Svetlana Gritskevich.

The Corporate Secretary also:

organizes compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation and the Company’s local regulations on countering the misuse of insider information

is responsible for communication with the registrar and government bodies authorized to regulate corporate relations and the securities market

acts as secretary of Rosneft’s Board of Directors and Management Board.

Svetlana Gritskevich

Svetlana Gritskevich

Born in 1974.

Graduated from the Institute of Modern Knowledge, Belarus State University (Minsk), in 1996 and the Russian Presidential Academy of Public Administration in 2011.

Has an MBA degree from MIRBIS (Moscow International Business School, 2011); has strong experience in corporate governance (since 1998) and expertise in fuel and energy sector companies’ business (since 1996), as well as management experience (since 2003), which enable high and effective performance of the Company’s Corporate Secretary duties.

Rosneft’s Department Director for Corporate Governance since 2013.

Member of the Moscow Exchange Share Issuers Committee.

Holds 393 shares of Rosneft (0.000004% of the Company’s charter capital).

Posted on the Company’s official website.