Petrochemical assets form a crucial part of Rosneft’s production complex. A high product quality and continuous production process improvements enable the Company to compete successfully with Russian and foreign producers on the Russian market. Rosneft’s petrochemical complex comprises:

  • Angarsk Polymer Plant (APP)
  • Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company (NPCC)
  • Ufaorgsintez (UOS)

Rosneft’s petrochemical production facilities also include the aromatic hydrocarbon production complex at Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim and the methanol, butyl alcohol, and amine production capacities at the Angarsk Petrochemical Company.


The FEPCO project provides for creating the largest refining and petrochemical complex in the Far Eastern Federal District.

The project will drive the social and economic development of the region through the creation of a petrochemical cluster. The FEPCO complex will help make the most of the Asia-Pacific market environment and export high value-added commercial products.

In 2017, Russia’s Main Directorate of State Expert Review (GlavgosExpertiza) issued positive opinions for refining and petrochemical facilities and external infrastructure facilities, including a marine terminal.

In 2016, the FEPCO project was being implemented pursuant to resolutions of Rosneft’s Board of Directors on the project and the project road map approved by Decree of the Russian Government No. 2602-p dated 17 December 2015.

The project was supported by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin (Instruction No. Pr-2579 dated 29 December 2016), the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev (Instruction No. DM-P9-705p dated 31 January 2014), and regional authorities.

petrochemical complex comprises:

Angarsk Polymer Plant (APP)

Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company (NPCC)

Ufaorgsintez (UOS)


The bulk of the Company’s petrochemical products is manufactured at Angarsk Polymer Plant (APP) in Eastern Siberia.

Its main products include ethylene, high-density polyethylene, propylene, benzene, the butylene-divinyl fraction, styrene, and polystyrene, among others.

Currently, Angarsk Polymer Plant is the only business in Eastern Siberia producing polystyrene and high-density polyethylene. The plant’s annual output includes over 200 thousand tonnes of ethylene, over 100 thousand tonnes of propylene, and 60 thousand tonnes of benzene. Ethylene is partially supplied to Sayanskkhimplast as feedstock, while the remainder is used for producing high-density polyethylene, and other petrochemicals. Feedstock used by the plant includes straight-run gasoline and hydrocarbon gases produced primarily by the Angarsk Petrochemical Company.

In 2017, the Angarsk Polymer Plant processed 715,300 tonnes of feedstock and produced 555,460 tonnes of high value-added commercial products.


Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company is one of the largest producers of gas processing, petrochemical, and organic synthesis products in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Its product mix comprises over 50 items, including tert-amyl methyl ether (TAME), industrial synthetic phenol, industrial synthetic ethyl alcohol, industrial acetone, liquefied petroleum gases, and para-tertiary butylphenol.

The company also operates facilities producing 300 thousand tonnes per year of high-octane additives for TAME motor fuels – its para-tertiary butylphenol (PTBP) production facilities are unrivalled in Russia and CIS countries, and the only synthetic ethanol production plant in the country.

In 2017, the company processed 1.0 mmt of feedstock, while its commercial product output totaled 0.9 mmt.

In 2017, Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company conducted an enterprise-wide operational efficiency improvement program comprising 67 initiatives.

The company launched a pilot plant construction project for the production of synthetic high-index polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils, as a PAO oil production facility does not exist currently in Russia.

Production of high-octane additives for TAME motor fuels Production of high-octane additives for TAME motor fuels


Ufaorgsintez is one of Russia’s largest petrochemical enterprises, focusing on the production of phenol, acetone, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene and its copolymers, synthetic rubber, and other organic synthesis products. The plant produces over 30% of Russia’s total phenol output and is a leading producer of acetone. Ufaorgsintez accounts for over 10% of the country’s polypropylene output and over 15% of its low-density polyethylene output, exceeding 850 thousand tonnes of petrochemical product output per year.

The company’s products are widely used in the manufacture of PMMA, phenol formaldehyde resins, alkylphenols, plastic films, products for industrial and agricultural applications, industrial rubber products, as well as in sectors such as mechanical engineering, soft goods, healthcare, electronics, and electrical engineering.

Ufaorgsintez offers a number of unique organic synthesis products unrivalled in Russia. The company’s EPDM rubber produced is utilized in the manufacture of various industrial rubber products, including those used in the defense industry, as well as for wire and cable insulation in electrical appliances.

In 2017, the company processed 643 thousand tonnes of feedstocks, and manufactured over 520 thousand tonnes of commercial products.