Disclosures and Higher Information Transparency

Rosneft is committed to regular, prompt, accessible, reliable, and content-rich disclosures of corporate information. The Company ensures timely and full disclosure of all aspects of its operations to relevant stakeholders (except for trade secrets).

In disclosing its information, Rosneft is guided by the applicable Russian legislation, requirements of Moscow Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, the Company’s Regulations on the Information Policy, and other requirements and regulations.

Rosneft makes disclosures mostly on its official website offering all necessary information on the Company’s operations, material facts, events, governance structure, and financial and operating performance.

The website also contains the Company’s Charter and other internal documents, annual reports and sustainability reports, quarterly accounting (financial) statements under RAS, quarterly consolidated financial statements under IFRS and relevant Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), analyst’s handbook, presentations, press releases, information on affiliates, and other data that can influence the performance of Rosneft securities.

As required by the Regulations on Information DisclosureRegulations of the Bank of Russia No. 454-P On Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Issue-Grade Securities dated 30 December 2014., when publishing information, the Company also uses the webpage of an information provider operating in the securities market (LLC Interfax Corporate Information Disclosure Center). Regulations of the Bank of Russia No. 454-P On Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Issue-Grade Securities dated 30 December 2014.

2017 Disclosure Items

Increasing Information Transparency

Information transparency is key to Rosneft’s corporate governance. The Company has been consistently leading the industry by the number of disclosures.

As part of its efforts to increase transparency and openness, the Company focuses on enhancing its shareholder and investor relations. Rosneft maintains telephone and e-mail channels for shareholders and investors, including a shareholder hotline.

Transparency of financial statements is a pillar of the Company’s corporate governance. On 19 March 2018, Rosneft published its 2017 consolidated financial statements under IFRS accompanied by the independent auditor’s report.

In 2017, Rosneft held regular presentations on its financial performance under IFRS as part of its communications with institutional investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

The Company is constantly working on enhancing the transparency of its operations through running periodic management meetings with major investment banks’ analysts, international investment funds, and recognized rating agencies.

In accordance with Rosneft’s Policy on Sustainable Development, Rosneft has been holding annual round tables with representatives of its stakeholders since 2007 in its key regions of operation (15 round tables held in 2017). These meetings cover social and economic relations, environment and environmental protection, occupational health and industrial safety, social security, and charity issues.

Rosneft places a particular emphasis on preparing Sustainability Reports which reflect information on those social and environmental efforts of the Company that are material for the Company, its shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders.

These Reports detail a wide range of matters relating to HSE, operations of subsidiaries and their contribution to regional social and economic growth, personnel development, government and other stakeholder relations, and charity.