Business Model

Reserve Replacement with Liquid Hydrocarbons, Organic SEC reserve growth in metric units, 2016 pro-forma data. %
  • First-class assets
  • Low reserve replacement costs
  • Long-term resource potential based on new major projects, exploration projects, hard-to-recover reserves, offshore, and international projects
Oil production
LH Production, mmt
  • Leadership in operating performance and resilience to changes in the environment
  • Higher competitive edge through development and application of advanced technology, advancing oilfield services, establishing strategic partnerships
Gas production
Gas Production, Including production of associates and joint ventures. bcm
  • Steady gas production growth driven by the portfolio of long-term contracts
Oil refining and petrochemicals
Oil Refining mmt
Petroleum Products
Production of Motor Fuels Complying with the Technical Regulations, Technical Regulations compliant motor fuels are Euro 5 motor gasoline and diesel fuel, and jet fuel. mmt
  • Adding value through vertical integration
  • Geographically diversified portfolio
  • Extensive upgrade program
  • Abundant feedstock for petrochemicals
Commerce, logistics,
and retail
Oil Sales
Petroleum Product and
Petrochemical Sales mmt
Gas Applications
Retail Sales of Petroleum Products in Russia, mmt
  • Continuous improvement of existing assets performance
  • Strong service standards at filling stations
  • Wide geography

Difference between oil and gas resources and sales is due to their consumption for own operational needs, intra-group supplies, changes in reserves, and technological losses.