Company sponsorship activities

Rosneft traditionally adheres to high standards of social responsibility and strongly contributes to the social and economic development of the Russian Federation by supporting ambitious projects to revive spiritual and national values while driving scientific development, culture, industry, education, and both professional and amateur sports.

In 2017, the Company’s actual sponsorship expenses totaled RUB 1.216 bln.

Sponsorship activity of the Company and Group Subsidiaries helps strengthen Rosneft’s reputation as a socially responsible business while promoting, publicizing, and maintaining a positive image of the Company across high-profile venues in Russia and abroad, and during major industry events.

In 2017 Rosneft sponsored 12 business exhibitions and conferences in Russia and abroad. The Company is a long-term title partner of events participated by the President of the Russian Federation, such as the Eastern Economic Forum, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Arctic: Territory of Dialogue International Arctic Forum, and the Russian Energy Week International Forum.

The Company is a strong supporter of professional and amateur sports. It finances the CSKA Moscow Hockey Club and is a sponsor of the Arsenal Tula Football Club. Rosneft provides financing both to the International SAMBO Federation and the organization of motor rallies, in which the LADA SPORT ROSNEFT team participates.

Rosneft is reviving and building the tradition of a partnership held between business and culture, sponsoring and bolstering its partnership in 2017 with the D.D. Shostakovich St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonia, which held the Arts Square and Musical Collection Festivals featuring Russian and foreign performers, and organized the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra tour across the USA and seven European countries. Rosneft also sponsored a tour of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet across five Russian cities: Krasnodar, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, and Surgut.

CSKA Moscow Hockey Club
The St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Conference of Rosneft
The St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet

In 2017, Rosneft became a partner of the new Rosneft in KidZania Project. In the City for Kids, a miniature Rosneft-branded drilling rig, refinery, and gas station will be installed in the largest edutainment park in Europe. The space provides children an educational play area in which they can learn the inner workings of an oil refinery and the transformational processes involved in oil’s journey from the earth to a fuel tank. The initiative helps to cultivate young children’s interest in the oil industry while fostering trust in the Rosneft brand.

Rosneft strongly contributes and gives high priority to environmental safety and protection, laying emphasis on protecting endangered species. Rosneft focuses particularly on the protection of endangered species native to the Arctic region, and continued its comprehensive program in 2017 to protect polar bears living in Russian zoos.