Members of Rosneft’s Management Board

On 21 June 2018, the General Shareholders Meeting elected a new Board of Directors among the candidates with considerable experience in strategic management and competencies sufficient to make well-informed and unbiased decisions on economic, financial and risk management issues. The composition of the Board of Directors is in line with the scope of the Company’s business and needs.

Membership and Structure of the Board of Directors
Key Competencies of the Board’s members
Members of the Board of Directors Fields of Competence
Strategy Oil&Gas Corporate Governance and M&A Law Finances & Audit Risk Management Policy/GR HSE HR
Gerhard Schroeder X X X X
Igor Sechin X X X X X X X
Matthias Warnig X X X X X X
Faisal Alsuwaidi X X X X
Andrey Belousov X X X X X X X
Oleg Viyugin X X X X X
Ivan Glasenberg X X X
Robert Dudley X X X X X X X
Guillermo Quintero X X X X X X X
Alexander Novak X X X X X
Hans-Joerg Rudloff X X X X
Donald Humphreys Resigned from the Board of Directors on 21 June 2018. X X X X X
Directors’ Attendance at the Board and Committee Meetings in 2018
Board of Directors
Director Status (Executive/Non-Executive/Independent) Attendance at meetings Audit Committee HR and Remuneration Committee Strategic Planning Committee
Gerhard Schroeder Independent 24/24
Igor Sechin Executive 23/24
Matthias Warnig Independent 24/24 14/14 13/13
Faisal Alsuwaidi Non-Executive 24/24 13/13
Andrey Belousov Non-Executive 22/24 13/13
Oleg Viyugin Independent 24/24 14/14 13/13
Ivan Glasenberg Non-Executive 24/24 13/13
Robert Dudley Non-Executive 24/24 13/13
Guillermo Quintero Non-Executive 24/24 13/13
Alexander Novak Non-Executive 22/24 13/13
Hans-Joerg Rudloff Independent 13/13 6/6 6/6
Donald Humphreys Resigned from the Board of Directors on 21 June 2018. Independent 11/11 8/8 7/7
Note: The first figure shows the number of meetings attended by a member of the Board of Directors, and the second figure is the total number of meetings they were entitled to attend
For reference: Chairman of the Board of Directors Gerhard Schröder and the members of the Board of Directors Igor Sechin, Matthias Warnig, Robert Dudley, Hans-Joerg Rudloff, and Donald Humphreys were not entitled to vote on agendas, which could give rise to a potential conflict of interests of legal and (or) business grounds.


The Company established the initiation procedure for newly elected directors to ensure their prompt entry into the work of the Board of Directors and efficient use of their professional skills.

Due to the change of the Board of Directors composition in 2018, the management promptly introduced Hans-Joerg Rudloff to the current activities of the Company, its strategy, corporate and organizational structure, and corporate governance practices.

For the efficient exercise of his powers, Hans-Joerg Rudloff was given recommendations on non-disclosure behavior, the procedure of attendance of the Board of Directors meetings and committees.

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