Rosneft’s Exploration and Reserve Replacement The data on regions in this Section is given according to territorial belonging of the fields and license areas.

By the results of 2018, Rosneft confirmed its leading positions in the scope of the resource base and in exploration efficiency. The Company continued to increase hydrocarbons production and replace the reserves.

Rosneft’s Reserve Base

12.9  bln tonnes  
total oil and gas condensate reserves in Russia
7.9  tcm
total gas reserves in Russia
3.2  bln tonnes
onshore oil and gas condensate resources
1.1  tcm
onshore gas resources
22.2  bln tonnes
offshore oil and gas condensate resources
23.2  tcm
offshore gas resources

146  %
oil and gas condensate reserve replacement ratio through exploration
454 mmtoe
increase in AB1C1 reserves due to exploration activities
143  bboe
(19.4 btoe) AB1C1+В2C2 hydrocarbon reserves in 2018
393  mmtoe
replacement of AB1C1 hydrocarbon reserves, including M&A
138 %
hydrocarbon reserve replacement ratio under the Russian reserves classification system
23  fields
and 230 new deposits discovered with total reserves of 250 mmtoe
1,121  licenses
in the Russian Federation, including 55 offshore licenses
26  subsoil areas
acquired from the Russian state undistributed reserve and 24 licenses registered
142  onshore exploration wells
completed and tested in Russia
onshore exploration drilling success rate in Russia
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