Gas Sales

Rosneft supplies natural gas, dry stripped gas, and associated petroleum gas to consumers in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Associated petroleum gas is supplied for processing both to the Company’s own gas processing plants (GPPs) and to third-party gas processing enterprises - SIBUR Holding and Surgutneftegas.

Rosneft is aimed at becoming a leading independent gas supplier on the domestic market of the Russian Federation.

Through Gazprom’s gas transportation system under a gas transportation contract, the Company’s natural and dry stripped gas is supplied to both end consumers and regional sales companies in almost 40 regions. Primary destinations of natural gas foreign sales are Egypt and Vietnam.

In 2018, the domestic natural gas sales by Rosneft amounted to 59.13 bcm and revenues - to RUB 200.5 bln.

The Sverdlovsk Region remains Rosneft’s leading region of gas sales, where the Company covered approximately 90% of gas demand, ensuring supply to both industrial and household consumers.

The gas foreign sales amounted to 2.9 bcm and were mainly covered by gas derived from the Zohr field.

In 2018, revenues from gas sales increased by 8.8% (to RUB 234 bln) mainly due to the increase in gas foreign sales and the prices indexation for gas intended for further sales to all groups of consumers by 3.4% in H2 2018.

Rosneft maximizes gas monetization by developing a commodity transport flow optimization system used for calculating the operational gas balance.

During 2018, the Company continued its participation in natural gas trading at the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange, launched in October 2014, selling 6.5% of its total exchange trading volume at 0.99 bcm of gas.

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gas sold by the Company at the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange in 2018
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