Key Achievements

  1. In April 2018, the Ufa group of the Company’s refineries started commercial production of improved high-octane gasoline AI-95-K5 Euro 6 class, which is superior to Euro 5 compliant motor fuels currently produced in the Russian Federation with respect to the environmental and performance indicators.

    The Saratov Refinery started commercial production of high-octane gasoline of AI-95-K5 Euro-6 class. The fuel has received positive customer feedback in the sales regions – in the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Krasnodar Territory.

  2. The Syzran Refinery completed the implementation of a large-scale program of re-equipment of the test center for oil and petroleum products - the central laboratory of the refinery.

  3. The operator room in the production control center at the Komsomolsk Refinery was equipped with advanced digital equipment allowing to monitor the operating parameters of refinery major process units: two crude oil distillation units, distillate hydrotreating units, sulfur production units. Introducing the modern digital solutions enables the Company to improve the process efficiency, ensure the equipment operational stability, strengthen the product quality control system, significantly improve the industrial safety level and the performance of engineering personnel.

  4. The Angarsk Refinery completed the installation operations for tower replacement on the gas fractionation unit producing the components of gasoline fractions and fuel gas, thereby improving the production reliability, and the environmental and industrial safety level.

  5. Rosneft’s refineries began processing gasoline components produced at the Ufa group of refineries. This allowed for redistribution of loads between the units at the refineries and for increased fuel output.

Rosneft continues implementing the facility maintenance and refinery development projects. The total funding for the maintenance and upgrade projects of the Company’s oil refining business amounted to RUB 43.6 bln under IFRS. The key focus areas also included expansion and implementation of highly efficient projects to debottleneck the refinery configuration, bitumen production development, operational efficiency improvement and operating cost reduction projects.

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