Oil Refining


Rosneft is the largest oil refinery in Russia, controlling oil refineries in key regions of Russia with a combined throughput capacity of 103 mmt of oil in 2018. The average Nelson Index of the Company’s refineries in Russia is approximately 7.0.

Foreign projects

In Germany, the Company through its subsidiary - Rosneft Deutschland GmbH - holds stakes ranging from 24% to 54% in three refineries, controlling over 12% of oil refining capacities and ranking third by oil refining capacity in the country (with a maximum throughput capacity of 12.5 mmt of oil per year). The average Nelson Index of the Company’s refineries in Germany is 9.1.

In Belarus, Rosneft indirectly owns 21% of shares in the Mozyr Refinery.

The Company also holds a 49% stake in the high-tech Vadinar Refinery, the second-largest in India, with a throughput capacity of 20 mmt of oil per year and a Nelson Index of 11.8.

The Company works with partners in the Asia-Pacific Region to explore opportunities in building new oil refineries with petrochemical facilities in both China and Indonesia.

average Nelson Index of the Company’s refineries in Russia
115.0 +2.0% mmt
oil refined by the Company in 2018
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