The Vankor cluster

The Vankor cluster is formed by Vankorskoye, Suzunskoye, Tagulskoye, and Lodochnoye fields.

Suzunskoye Field

The project’s development benefits from synergies with the already-operational Vankor field by sharing power supply, oil transport (via the Vankor central production facility oil is delivered to the Vankor–Purpe pipeline and further to Transneft’s pipeline system), and gas monetization arrangements (gas is supplied through the Vankor field to Gazprom’s gas transportation system).

commencement of the first development phase
44 wells
operating well stock by the end of 2018
4.1 mmt oil produced in 2018
Field launch in 2018

2018 Achievements:

  • 22 wells were drilled, including seven multilateral wells.
  • Construction of Suzunskoye Field GTU – the Vankor Field gas pipeline was started.
  • Construction of 110 kV overhead line Vankor – Suzun and 110/35 kV Suzun substation was continued.
  • The construction, installation, and pre-commissioning operations at the infrastructure’s main facilities were continued for the first and second oil treatment start-up complexes, with a design capacity of 5.2 mmt per annum, and the oil pipeline connecting the Suzun OTU and Vankor OTU, offsite power supply facilities; as well as the current development of 11 well pads and their related infrastructure.

The project development comprises two phases:

  • The first phase: in September 2016, comprehensive technological testing of hydrocarbons output, treatment, and transportation facilities was launched at the field: five well pads and the first start-up complex of the oil treatment unit were constructed, oil transportation was ensured, and small-scale generating facilities were commissioned.
  • The second phase: implementation of the gas program to ensure gas treatment and transportation to the Vankor field starting from 2020, as well as commissioning of external power supply facilities and auxiliary facilities.

Tagulskoye Field Development

1.3 mmt
oil production volume in 2018 with the use of mobile oil treatment units.
64 wells
operating well stock by the end of 2018
Field launch in 2018

2018 Achievements:

  • Commissioning the Tagulskoye Field as a result of a successful completion of the pilot development phase.
  • Completed drilling of 52 wells (including 16 multilateral wells), a 44% year-on-year growth.
  • Updating the field development strategy and the program of interventions to revise geological structure of features with the subsequent involving them into development.
  • Forecasts of development were updated considering the geological structure peculiarities.

Near Future Plans:

Continuing with the construction and installation activities at the first OTU start-up complex with a design capacity of 2.3 mtpa, as well as at the other field facilities (well pads, oil pipelines, and others).

Lodochnoye Field Development

The Lodochnoye field is a multipay field, large in recoverable reserves, and complex in terms of geology.

To assess the production potential of core assets in the most promising areas, pilot production was started at the field in 2017.

2018 Achievements:

  • Completed drilling of ten production wells (including two multilateral wells), among them four wells were brought into production.
  • In 2018, the oil production under the pilot development phase amounted to 0.3 mmt.
  • Construction of automobile roads to CP No. 1, CP No. 2, OTU and metering station, engineering preparation of CP No. 1, CP No.  2, and OTU sites, construction of CP  No. 1, 6 kV and 35 kV overhead lines, and 35/6 kV substation.

Near Future Plans:

  • As part of preparations for commercial production start-up, production drilling will continue at the field, along with the construction of infrastructure facilities (oil treatment unit, gas compressor station, high-voltage power lines, etc.).
  • Carrying out the research program.
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