East Messoyakhsky Field Development

Messoyakhaneftegaz is currently implementing a development project for the East Messoyakhsky and West Messoyakhsky license areas. The project participants include Rosneft (50%) and PJSC Gazprom Neft (50%), which is the project’s operator.

The full-scale development of the East Messoyakhsky field began with the commissioning of key infrastructure facilities on 21 September 2016. Oil production at the East Messoyakhsky field in 2018 was 4.5 mmt (100% of the project), while the Company’s share totaled 2.2 mmt.

field launch
320 wells
Operating well stock by the end of 2018 (100% of the target)
4.5 mmt
produced in 2018 (100% of the target)

To meet the growing production volumes, oil treatment facilities were expanded in 2018. In Q4 2018, the second phase of the first-stage gas separator was started.

Construction of gas infrastructure facilities (a compression station for gas injection into the formation and gas pipeline) is still underway. Planned construction of new well pads is underway, and infield infrastructure has been constructed and commissioned (oil pipelines, water pipelines, and overhead lines). In 2018, drilling of 131 wells was completed.

In order to increase the productivity of wells and the development coverage of the field layer, a multilateral drilling technology (including fishbone design) is actively employed; in 2018, 65 multilateral wells were put into production.

As part of pilot activities at three wells, multi-stage hydraulic fracturing was carried out in order to intensify production, and a decision was made to roll out this technology across the project. In the course of field geophysical surveys the development works related to polymer flooding of formations were started to improve the oil recovery.

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