Kuyumbinskoye Field Development

The Kuyumbinskoye field development project comprises several phases.

Phase 1 included the construction at the field and the launch of the first start-up complex in the Kuyumbinsky license area with the most explored reserves in 2018. Subsequent phases envisage bringing into development the remaining deposits within the Kuyumbinskoye field.

launch of the first start-up complex
0.5 mmt
oil production in 2018 (100% of the project)

NGK Slavneft’s major shareholders are Rosneft and Gazprom Neft. Currently, Gazprom Neft is the project’s operator.

Near Future Plans:

  • further development drilling,
  • expansion of oil treatment and power generation facilities,
  • development and construction of APG utilization facilities according to the design document.

2018 Achievements:

  • Completing the pilot works with further optimization of the first start-up complex configuration in favor of priority areas; identifying the priority areas for drilling-out and confirming the efficiency of a new well drilling technology.
  • The first start-up complex began its operation with the technological start-up of the main field facility – CPF.
  • Completing the construction of 34 km long infield pipelines; continuing the construction and installation operations on the expansion of capacities of the CPF and the Right Bank of the Podkamennaya Tunguska – CPF oil-gathering pipeline.
  • Completing the drilling of 33 wells (including two exploration wells), over 95% of them are horizontal sidetracked wells.
72 wells
operating well stock by the end of 2018
IN JULY 2018

the millionth tonne of oil was produced since the development of the Kuyumbinskoye field began.

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