North Komsomolskoye Field Development

The proximity of the North Komsomolskoye field to RN-Purneftegaz infrastructure facilities and other Company’s facilities contributes to the synergy effect from the joint use of the ground infrastructure.

OVER 70%

of all recoverable oil reserves are concentrated in the PK1 formation (main productive formation). The oil in PK1 formation is of higher viscosity and density, and development is complicated by the massive gas cap and underlying water-bearing formation.

Near Future Plans:

  • Oil transfer and delivery to AK Transneft system along with the oil of the Vankor cluster to the Purpe terminal oil pumping station of RN-Vankor. This solution allows for minimizing the number of facilities at the oil delivery point.
  • At the pilot phase, the oil of the North Komsomolskoye field will be treated at CPF of Barsukovskoye field of RN-Purneftegaz.
  • Drafting the full-scale development concept for PK1 formation
1,369 sq. km
license area

2018 Achievements:

  • Completed drilling of five horizontal producing wells with an extended reach and a length of horizontal sections from 1.5 to 2 km.
  • Completed construction and installation works on automobile roads, oil and gas treatment units, and well pads.
  • Production and transfer of oil from the pilot site by tank trucks underway since October 2018. The initial oil flow rates (up to 200 t/day) confirm the possibility of involving viscous oil reserves of the field into the development.
  • Extended pilot works launched at the PK1 formation.
  • Pre-drilling and well flowback operations are carried out to revise the geological model

Field development is operated by LCC SevKomNeftegaz in cooperation with Equinor.

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