Russkoye Field Development

Near Future Plans:

  • The Zapolyarnoye metering station facilities are being prepared for the start of integrated testing and the delivery of oil to the Zapolyarye-Purpe oil trunk pipeline system.
  • Construction and installation operations for key industrial and auxiliary facilities of the field and other site facilities continued.
  • Production drilling continued at well pads, including multilateral and fishbone wells.
0.3 mmt
production in 2018
148 wells
operating well stock at the end of 2018
2018 field launch

2018 Achievements:

  • Over 190 wells with oil production potential of over 11 thsd t/day were drilled.
  • 15 multilateral wells were drilled.
  • 53 wells with annual average flow rate of 92 t/day were brought into production.
  • The oil pipeline connecting CPF Russkoye and metering station Zapolyarnoye were successfully tested.
  • Additionally, an APG-fired power plant was commissioned.

with use of state-of-the-art technologies of high-viscosity oil production, such as drilling of multilateral wells, including fishbone design, use of heat-insulated tubing, and others

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