The Erginsky Cluster

The new strategic cluster was formed through integrating the Erginsky license area and Kondinskoye field infrastructure with the infrastructure of the largest oilfield in Russia, the Priobskoye field operated by RN-Yuganskneftegaz.

Shared use of the integrated oil transportation system and the shared power supply system of the new cluster are being planned. Infrastructure facilities of fields and license areas will be constructed to a standardized design, which is aligned with the Company’s overall plan for the cluster development. New technologies and approaches to the use of APG will allow its future rational, efficient utilization to reach a rate of 95%, pursuant to Resolution No. 1148 of the Russian Government dated 8 November 2012 On the Aspects of Calculating Charges for Pollutants Produced by Flaring and/or Venting Associated Petroleum Gas.

2018 Achievements:

  • Start-up of 36 MW gas turbine electric power plant at the Kondinskoye field.
  • Efficient management of production drilling program and consistent implementation of research works to detail the geology of deposits.
  • Application of geological steering technologies in the course of drilling – real-time well path control, increasing the drivage efficiency along the effective pay.
  • Geophysical research of the wells by nuclear magnetic, acoustic, and other methods; state-of-the-art methods of hydrodynamic and geomechanical modelling ensure optimizing the process of horizontal wells completion and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing planning.
  • Completed drilling of 37 wells at the West Erginskoye field by the end of 2018; wells construction and development continued.
  • Completed construction of 50 km-long oil pipeline from the booster pumping station at the West Erginskoye field to the central production facility of the Kondinskoye field. The booster pumping station with an initial water separation unit, a gas power plant, and a field support base to ensure comfortable conditions for rotation workers are prepared for commissioning.

Near Future Plans:

  • In the period 2019–2021, the sequential commissioning of the Erginskoye, West Erginskoye, Chaprovskoye, and Endyrskoye fields will take place, exploration and additional field appraisal is currently underway.
  • The exploration program is planned at the South Erginskoye license area to assess the resource potential.
299 mmt
oil recoverable reserves (АВ1С1+В2С2) of the Erginsky cluster fields
> 5 thsd sq. km
total size of license areas
1.6 mmt
oil production at the Kondinskoye field in 2018
210 wells
operating well stock at the Kondinskoye field by the end of 2018
Launch of the Kondinskoye field in 2017
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