The Information Disclosure, Policy, and Transparency

The Company is scrupulous about timely and reliable disclosure of information. The Board of Directors approved the Information Policy and supervises the fulfilment thereof in order to ensure taking the balanced investment and managerial decisions by the shareholders, investors, and stakeholders.

The Company utilizes various disclosure channels and methods in order to ensure free and easy access to the information to be disclosed according to the legislation requirements, the rules of the Moscow Exchange and London Stock Exchange, and the provisions of internal documents.

To ensure equality of Russian and foreign shareholders and investors, the Company discloses the information in Russian and English simultaneously.

Official website of the Company and “Interfax” also contains the Company’s Charter and other internal documents, annual and quarterly reports, sustainability reports, annual and quarterly accounting (financial) statements under Russian standards, consolidated financial statements under IFRS and relevant Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), analyst’s handbook, presentations, press releases, information on affiliates, and other data that can influence the performance of Rosneft securities. When publishing information, the Company also uses the webpage of an information provider operating in the securities market (LLC Interfax Corporate Information Disclosure Center).


of the Information Police are regular, prompt, accessible, reliable, and content-rich disclosures of corporate information.

Relevant information is posted on the website

Раскрытие информации
2018 Disclosure Items

The Company is continuously implementing a set of measures to prevent, detect, and curb the misuse of insider information.

The Company focuses its attention on information disclosures made by controlled entities through continuous methodological support and regular training sessions.

The Company additionally discloses the information not stipulated by the legislation and stock exchanges’ requirements:

  • operating and financial performances with explanations of the Company’s top management for annual reporting and interim financial statements;
  • the Company’s policy on sustainable development, health and safety;
  • the Company’s operational structure.

Conference calls and meetings with institutional investors are held. The Company’s representatives take part in the investment conferences and road shows in the major International Financial Centers. The Investment Banking professionals visit the industrial facilities.

See more information in section Institutional Investor Relations.

  • 114 press releases and information messages on the official website;
  • 8 media interviews of top managers and members of the Board of Directors;
  • 7 press conferences, press scrums and briefings of the Company’s management and representatives of the major shareholders;
  • 4 regular financial performance presentations.
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