Performance Results

Petroleum Products Sales


Export Sales of Petroleum Products

In 2019, export sales of petroleum products totalled 70.1 mmtIncluding export bunkering services.

Rosneft makes regular wholesale shipments of light and dark oil products to Mongolia. In 2019, we supplied 1.3 mmt of light petroleum products, up 0.2 mmt from the previous year.

The Company continues to focus on expanding its international footprint and diversifying its sales routes. During the summer shipping season in 2019, we used our fleet to export diesel fuel directly from the Syzran and Saratov refineries to a foreign port on CFR terms. This arrangement helped us maximise the use of its own tanker fleet and avoid the cost of additional transshipment at sea ports.

Domestic Sales of Petroleum Products

In 2019, domestic sales of petroleum products totalled 42 mmt, up 2.2% year-on-yearIncluding domestic bunkering services.

Rosneft is Russia’s largest motor fuel exchange trader. In 2019, we traded extensively in petroleum products. The share of Rosneft (including the Ufa group of refineries) in total sales during the main session stood at:

  • 47.7% for motor gasoline;
  • 36.4% for diesel fuel;
  • 51.9% for fuel oil.

The Company exceeded on-exchange sales targets set by a joint order of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Russian Ministry of Energy dated 12 January 2015. The reporting year saw 24.8% of total motor gasoline, 9.8% of diesel fuel, 14.7% of kerosene, and 3.4% of fuel oil from Rosneft refineries (including the Ufa group) sold on the exchange vs the required 10%, 5%, 10%, and 2%, respectively.

As requested by our counterparties, we supplied motor fuel in full and on time under the Northern Supply Haul programme.

Sales of Petroleum Products to FSU Countries

In 2019, Rosneft maintained stable and uninterrupted tanker supplies of petroleum products to Armenia, shipping 234.7 kt of high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel to the country from its Russian refineries (up 34% year-on-year).

We also supply gasoline and diesel fuel to RN-Kyrgyznefteprodukt, our sales subsidiary in the Kyrgyz Republic, for resale via its own retail network and wholesale channels. In 2019, petroleum product shipments totalled 100.9 kt.

We continued to supply petroleum products to the retail network in Georgia, with volumes reaching 180.5 kt, up 37 kt from the previous year.

Meeting federal customers' demand

Meeting federal customers’ demand for petroleum products is our key priority under the corporate policy. In 2019, Rosneft and its subsidiaries fully delivered on their obligations to supply petroleum products to federal customers. Next year, we will continue working in this area.