Performance Results

Onshore exploration in Russia

Key activities and achievements

Exploration took place across all of Russia’s subsoil use regions, including the Far East, Eastern and Western Siberia, Central Russia, Timan-Pechora, and Southern Russia.

Key onshore achievements in Russia:

653 mmtoe
increase in АВ1С1 reserves through exploration
148 %
oil and gas condensate reserve replacement ratio through exploration
exploration wells completed and tested
88 %
record high success rate of exploration drilling
new fields
and  257
new deposits discovered with a total of 346 mmtoe of АВ1С1+В2С2 reserves

The Company’s top priorities are unlocking the resource potential and sustainable use of mineral resources, exercising strict compliance with environmental safety standards, and an extensive application of advanced technologies.

The Rosneft–2022 Strategy, approved by the Company’s Board of Directors, sets out the key exploration targets: to ensure 100% reserve replacement of liquid hydrocarbons and to increase the exploration drilling success rate to 95% by 2022 through the use of advanced technologies and innovative solutions.s

The Company has developed and is implementing a set of R&D projects and is working to create its own geophysical service. Finite difference wave field simulations are used to identify optimum parameters for seismic surveys during the design stage. The Company completed projects to model surveillance systems in Eastern and Western Siberia. Similar projects will be implemented in the North Caucasus and the Republic of Bashkortostan. The Company continued its phased deployment of advanced seismic data processing and interpretation technologies, detailed velocity-depth modelling, and integration of seismic and non-seismic methods to improve the exploration drilling success rate. In an effort to minimise errors during structural modelling, Rosneft deployed advanced near-surface anomaly detection practices.

Unique wireless seismic technology

Rosneft and BP completed the development of an innovative seismic acquisition system, unrivalled in the world. The system was piloted during seismic surveys in Russia and large-scale tests in the UAE. The tests confirmed that the system ensures high level of geologic accuracy and productivity, and are capable of working in hard-to-reach areas.

In 2019, 143 exploration wells were completed and tested with a success rate of 88%, a record high over the past years. 2D seismic surveys of 2.6 thousandlinear km and 3D seismic surveys of 9 thousand sq km were completed.

Successful exploration resulted in the discovery of 22 fields and 257 new deposits with a total of 346 mmtoe in reserves.