Performance Results

Vankor cluster

The Company continues to build up its Vankor cluster leveraging the Vankor field, with the Suzunskoye and Tagulskoye fields up and running. Rosneft is also getting ready to launch the Lodochnoye field, thus completing the cluster integration.

18.8 mmt
of liquid hydrocarbons produced at the Vankor cluster in 2019 (including the Lodochnoye field)
Vankor cluster

Suzunskoye Field Development

Suzunskoye Field
  • In 2019, the Suzunskoye field produced 2.8 mmt of liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Phase 2 of the Suzunskoye field development is underway envisaging the construction of gas facilities (gas treatment unit with a compressor station, the Suzun–Vankor interfield gas pipeline, gas well pads).
  • The Company commenced construction of the Suzun–Vankor interfield gas pipeline.
  • Follow-up exploration is ongoing on a new prospective target (Nkh-3 formation).
25 wells
drilled in 2019, including 11 multilateral wells
The Company started developing reserves of the field’s northern part, with new wells boasting an average flow rate of
>400 t per day
Liquid hydrocarbons produced in 2019
2.8 mmt

Tagulskoye Field Development

Tagulskoye Field
  • In 2019, the Tagulskoye field produced 1.3 mmt of liquid hydrocarbons.
  • The Company launched a pipeline connecting the field’s oil treatment unit to the Vankor–Purpe trunk pipeline.
  • Rosneft continues to build field facilities, well pads, etc. The reservoir pressure maintenance system is up and running.
  • The approved asset development strategy provides for an exploration programme aiming to bring additional reserves into production, including those of the Dolgan suite.
63 +17% wells drilled in 2019, including 30 multilateral wells
1.3 mmt
of liquid hydrocarbons produced using mobile oil treatment units at the Tagulskoye field in 2019

Lodochnoye Field Development

Lodochnoye Field

In 2019, Rosneft drilled and completed 14 wells at the Lodochnoye field, including five multilateral wells. In 2019, it produced 0.64 mmt of liquid hydrocarbons hydrocarbon lead. Drilling operations started to develop the largest plays (reserves of the Yakovlev suite). The Company continues production drilling and infrastructure construction to start up key field facilities.

The use of multilateral wells at the Vankor cluster fields enhances the drilling efficiency and boosts the initial flow rate by 40–50%.

14 wells
drilled in 2019, including 5 multilateral wells
Liquid hydrocarbons produced in 2019 0.64 mmt