Key Results of 2019 (Oil Refining)

In 2019, the Company’s oil refining activities were aimed at satisfying the demand for quality petroleum products.

In the reporting year, Rosneft’s Russian refineries processed 100.1 mmt of oil. The total oil refinery throughput (including foreign assets) stood at 110.2 mmt. In the fourth quarter, Russian refineries’ throughput amounted to 25.5 mmt, with the year-on-year change attributable to the repair cycle.

The refining depth and light product yield in 2019 was 74.4% and 57.6%, respectively.

The Company continued to expand its range of environmentally-friendly fuels. In May 2019, the Ryazan Refinery launched the production of AI-95 -K5 Euro-6 gasoline to supply the Moscow Region with greener fuel. The Komsomolsk and Ufa refineries started producing RMLS, a low-sulphur marine fuel compliant with the IMO standards that went into effect in early 2020. The fuel contributes to minimising the bunker’s environmental footprint. The Ufa Refinery also began the industrial production of AI-100 high octane gasoline using a proprietary technology.

The first batch of hydrotreating catalysts suitable for Euro-5 compliant diesel fuel underwent industrial tests at Rosneft’s Ufa group of refineries. This is the first-ever hydrotreating agent capable of fully replacing its foreign analogues for the Russian refining industry. The tests proved that Rosneft’s proprietary catalyst was fit for the production of diesel fuel compliant with all the latest technical requirements. The catalyst is on par with the best foreign peers and even superior to them in some aspects.

Rosneft continues to implement the existing facility maintenance initiatives and refinery upgrade programmes. The total spending on Oil Refining maintenance and upgrade projects under IFRS in the reporting year amounted to RUB 43.8 bln. The Company remains focused on highly efficient projects to debottleneck the refinery configuration by overcoming production and technical constraints, and developing bitumen production, as well as increasing operational efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Marketable Product Mix (Russian Refineries), mmt