Performance Results

Oil Refining Assets in Germany

Rosneft Deutschland GmbH(RDG)

The Company entered the German petroleum product market in 2011 when it acquired a 50% stake in Ruhr Oel GmbH (ROG) joint venture. Following ROG reorganisation in 2016, Rosneft gained direct control over more than 12% of Germany’s oil refining facilities with a total throughput of about 12.8 mmtpa. The Company became a shareholder in three major refineries: Bayernoil (12.5%), MiRO (12%), and PCK Schwedt (35.42%). It then doubled its shares in the refineries’ equity to 25%, 24% and 54.17%, respectively. At the same time, BP accumulated 100% shares of the Gelsenkirchen refinery.

In December 2019, Rosneft Deutschland closed the deal to acquire 3.57% of shares in Bayernoil Raffineriegesellschaft mbH Refinery from BP Europa SE, increasing its stake to 28.57%. As a result, the Company saw its share in the refining capacities of the Bayernoil Refinery grow to almost 3 mmtpa, its total throughput in Germany now reaching 12.8 mmtpa, which strengthened its positions both in Bavaria, one of the largest industrial regions of Germany, and Austria.

Rosneft is the third largest player in the German oil refining market. Operating activities are carried out by its subsidiary, Rosneft Deutschland GmbH, which was established in 2017. Rosneft supplies almost a quarter of crude oil imports to Germany – ca. 23 mmtpa.

On 1 January 2019 Rosneft Deutschland GmbH initiated the direct sales of petroleum products manufactured at the three German refineries partially owned by Rosneft. The product mix includes motor gasoline, diesel fuel, light heating oil, jet fuel, LPG, bitumen, heavy marine fuel and petrochemical products. The Company is a leader in the German petroleum wholesale market.

Apart from direct supplies from its refineries, the Company uses over 30 export terminals to deliver petroleum products by road, rail, and river. The Company’s customer base includes more than 500 enterprises in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, and France.

In 2019, Rosneft Deutschland increased sales of polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) Alfabit by 37.5% year-on-year. Alfabit is a high-tech material featuring high elasticity and wear resistance. Rosneft Deutschland began supplying Alfabit to German consumers in 2018, shortly after the start of sales and marketing of bitumen in the country. The Company also established a supply chain for PMB in Germany using feedstock from the PCK, Bayernoil, and MiRO refineries.

In 2019, Rosneft Deutschland supplied Alfabit PMB and other bitumen products to KUTTER GmbH & Co. KG for the construction of an extended runway at the Memmingen (Allgäu) Airport in Bavaria. The products were used to lay about 57 kt of asphalt on 165 thousand sq m of airport land. Thanks to its strategically located shipping terminals and the flexibility of the logistics system, Rosneft Deutschland was able to supply bitumen within a very short time.

Over the past year, the company’s customer base has grown by 30%, with bitumen products delivered to Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, France and other countries.

Apart from that, Rosneft Deutschland signed contracts on into-plane fuelling with airports in Munich and Berlin (Tegel and Schönefeld) as part of its jet fuel market share expansion in Germany. Rosneft Deutschland owns a share in the PCK Refinery in Brandenburg which produces 300 ktpa of jet fuel, accounting to almost a half of the total kerosene consumed at Berlin airports.

MiRO GmbH & Co. Refinery KG is located in Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg. This is the largest oil refinery in Germany and one of the biggest and most innovative plants in Europe. Capacity – 14.9 mmtpa (Rosneft's share – 3.6 mmtpa), the Nelson Index – 9.4.

The PCK Raffinerie GmbH is located in Schwedt, Brandenburg. Thanks to its location it can supply Urals through the Druzhba pipeline. Capacity – 11.6 mmtpa (Rosneft's share – 6.3 mmtpa), the Nelson Index – 9.8. The company is working on a mid-term development programme to introduce heavy residue processing at the facility.

BAYERNOIL Raffineriegesellschaft mbH supplies fuel to Bavaria and northern Austria. Capacity – 10.3 mmtpa (Rosneft's share – 2.9 mmtpa), the Nelson Index – 6.8.

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