Petrochemical assets form a crucial part of Rosneft’s production complex. High product quality and continuous improvement of production processes provide the Company with a competitive edge over other Russian and foreign players in the domestic market.

Rosneft’s petrochemical complex comprises:

  • Angarsk Polymer Plant;
  • Novokuybyshevsk Petrochemical Company;
  • Ufaorgsintez.

Rosneft also has petrochemical production lines at Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim (an aromatic hydrocarbon production complex) and the Angarsk Refinery (methanol, butyl alcohol, and amine production units).

Angarsk Polymer Plant

The plant’s main products include ethylene, high-density polyethylene, propylene, benzene, butylene-divinyl fraction, ethylbenzene, styrene, polystyrene, etc.

As of now, the Angarsk Polymer Plant is the only polystyrene and high-density polyethylene manufacturer in Eastern Siberia. The plant’s annual output includes over 200 kt of ethylene, over 100 kt of propylene, and 60 kt of benzene. Ethylene is partially supplied to Sayanskkhimplast as feedstock, while the remainder is used to produce high-density polyethylene and other petrochemicals. The plant uses straight-run gasoline and hydrocarbon gases mainly produced by the Angarsk Refinery as feedstock.

In 2019, the Angarsk Polymer Plant processed 719.3 kt of hydrocarbon feedstock, while its output of high value-added marketable products amounted to 550.4 kt.

Novokuybyshevsk Petrochemical Company

Novokuibyshevsk Petrochemical Company is one of the largest gas processing, petrochemical, and organic synthesis companies in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Its product mix comprises over 30 items, including tert-amyl methyl ether (TAME), synthetic phenol, synthetic ethanol, and acetone for industrial application, LPG, and para-tertiary butylphenol (PTBP).

The company produces 300 ktpa of high-octane additives for TAME motor fuels and has PTBP production facilities unrivalled in Russia and the CIS. It is also the only synthetic ethanol manufacturer in the country.

In 2019, the company processed 1,013.3 kt of feedstock, while its output amounted to 969.1 kt of marketable products.

The company is carrying out a project to build a pilot plant for the production of synthetic polyalphaolefin base oils (PAO) characterised by high viscosity and low freezing point, the first of its kind in Russia.


Ufaorgsintez is one of the largest petrochemical enterprises in Russia focusing on the production of phenol, acetone, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene and its copolymers, synthetic rubber, and other organic synthesis products. The plant produces over 30% of Russia’s total phenol output and is a leading producer of acetone. Ufaorgsintez has a capacity of more than 850 ktpa.

The company’s products are widely used to manufacture plexiglass, phenol formaldehyde resins, alkylphenols, plastic films, and other products for industrial and agricultural application, and industrial rubbers. Ufaorgsintez’s products are of high demand in mechanical engineering, consumer goods, healthcare, electronics, and electrical engineering sectors.

Some of its organic synthesis products are unrivalled in Russia. The company’s ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) is a component of various industrial rubber products, including those used in the defence industry, and wire and cable insulation in electrical appliances.

In 2019, the company processed 685.3 kt of feedstock, its output being 617.3 kt of marketable products.