Performance Results

Petroleum Product Quality Control

Контроль качества нефтепродуктов

The motor fuels produced by Rosneft’s refineries have high performance and environmental characteristics and meet the K5 fuel class requirements outlined in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union CU TR 013/2011 On Requirements for Motor and Aviation Gasoline, Diesel and Marine Fuels, Fuels for Jet Engines, and Fuel Oil. The quality of Rosneft’s motor fuels has been confirmed by qualification and bench tests run by specialised R&D centres, and various awards and accolades.

Quality management systems at the Company’s refineries comply with the ISO 9000 international standards and ensure high-quality production and a minimum number of customer claims.

The Company’s refineries have a multi-stage Quality Control system for feedstock and marketable products, including incoming control of feedstock, chemicals, and additives supplied to the plants, as well as multi-stage monitoring and quality control of components and marketable products throughout the entire production cycle, i.e. from feedstock delivery to a facility to product sales.

In 2019, the Company introduced an enhanced quality monitoring of oil delivered for refining.

The testing laboratories at the refineries are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and analytical instruments to ensure highly accurate and reliable test results.

Product compliance is confirmed through certification performed with the assistance of accredited testing laboratories and leading research institutes.

The Company’s refineries regularly hold Quality Days attended by the employees of relevant units to study the best practices for improving production efficiency and quality control, and share experience in ensuring quality and safety of petroleum products.

In 2019, the Company continued expanding the range of additives that improve performance characteristics of motor fuel. Tests performed on the additives helped reduce purchase costs by increasing the number of available alternatives.

As part of the import substitution programme, the Company’s refineries use anti-wear additives produced by the Group Subsidiaries in Russia.

Consistent measures to improve and control the quality of petroleum products resulted in more stringent requirements for AI-95-K5 Euro-6 motor gasoline with improved environmental and performance properties, which contains less sulphur, benzene, aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons and resins, and has a longer shelf life.

In addition to the launch of AI-95-K5 Euro-6 production at Bashneft, Bashneft-Novoil (to be sold in the Republic of Bashkortostan) and at the Saratov Refinery (for sales across the Krasnodar Territory) in 2018, the Ryazan and Syzran refineries have also put this motor gasoline into production. The Ryazan Refinery has been supplying Euro-6 to the Ryazan, Kaluga and Tula regions since May 2019, and to Moscow and the Moscow Region since December 2019.