Performance Results

Production of Catalysts

Производство катализаторов

Novokuibyshevsk Catalysers Plant

In 2019, the Novokuibyshevsk Catalysers Plant launched Russia’s first-ever advanced pilot testing facility for hydrotreating catalysts. The new facility is aimed at testing technologies to manufacture new catalysts designed by Rosneft’s and Russian R&D providers with a view to ramping up large-scale production. Using the pilot facility’s equipment, the plant can test both specific production stages and the complete production cycle of alumina-based catalysts.

At present, there are eight pilot batches of various types of new catalysts (catalysts for diesel fuel hydrotreatment, deep hydrodesulphurisation of vacuum gasoil, isodewaxing, hydrofinishing of diesel fractions, diolefin hydrogenation, hydrodemetallisation, and silicon traps) developed by corporate R&D units (RN-TsIR and VNII NP) for the use in various oil refining processes.

Angarsk Plant of Catalysts and Organic Synthesis

Work is under way at the Angarsk Plant of Catalysts and Organic Synthesis to build a production unit for platinum-containing reforming catalysts and gasoline isomerisation catalysts. Scheduled for commissioning in the first quarter of 2021, the unit with a capacity of 600 tonnes per year is designed to improve the quality of reforming and gasoline isomerisation catalysts. It also intends to reduce platinum losses, increase production reliability and safety, and ultimately meet the need of all Russian refineries for such catalysts.