Strategy of the Company

Digital Transformation and Technology


2019 results

Exploration and Production

Digital Field, remote drilling and production control centres, IIoT, Big Data

Industry’s first

Digital Field covering all major oil production and logistics processes

Automated data collection systems

99 %
of drilling rigs
89 %
of wells
86 %
of production
  • A pilot computer vision project to detect personnel in hazardous areas, monitor use of personal protective equipment and transmit emergency alerts
  • Six detailed 3D models of production assets have been created for the common oilfield monitoring environment
  • A machine learning technology successfully deployed to predict pump failures in production

Enhance in-house technology capabilities, cable-free seismic systems, advanced MSHF techniques with numerous stages; establish a tech park to test technologies

Unique solutions

Unique solutions
  • 15 downhole splitters built in a single multilateral well with the biggest metreage drilled inside a pay zone in Russia (over 10.3 thousand metres); the well’s complex fishbone design provides an initial flow rate of over 400 t per day
  • An innovative seismic acquisition system developed in cooperation with BP helps to operate in hard-to-reach areas and delivers geological data of high informative value
>600 t per day
an initial flow rate of the multilateral two-string horizontal fishbone well, first of its kind in Yuganskneftegaz
7.4 days
a new industry record for the fastest two-string horizontal well construction
10 thousand hydraulic fracturing operations
carried out using the RN-GRID simulator
>200 licences
for the RH-GRID hydraulic fracture simulator sold to service and petroleum companies
4 new software modules
  • an integrity monitoring system for oilfield pipelines (RN-SMT)
  • a hydrodynamic simulation unit (RN-KIM)
  • a geological simulation unit (RN-Geosim)
  • an oil and gas production process simulation unit (RN-Simtep)
Digital Transformation and Technology
>36 bln
impact of innovative solutions introduced over the last three years
technologies tested in 2019
technologies implemented and rolled out in 2019


Digital Plant

12 units at refineries
advanced process control systems implemented
3 refineries
automated stock-taking systems
  • A pilot project to introduce a system for optimised blending of petroleum products implemented
  • Work on the introduction of a RN-Predix-based cloud system for data collection, storage and processing in progress

Automation and robotisation

  • Digital twins of production process engineering models are being introduced
  • Digital solutions for comprehensive personnel monitoring and application of computer vision are being developed

Global asset performance management system to extend functional operation times between repairs

  • A pilot project to improve the efficiency of process equipment performance management in progress
  • Meridium-based predictive analysis systems for comprehensive monitoring of critical equipment being implemented
  • Russia’s first-ever additive package for all-season hydraulic oils patented
  • Tests completed for streamlining dispersant and depressor additives for diesel fuels with a view to creating in-house production
  • Tests on a pilot batch of hydrotreating catalysts for diesel mixtures conducted
  • A hydrogenation technology for converting acetone into isopropanol tested at a pilot facility
  • A technology to produce isopropylbenzene using heterogeneous catalysts developed
  • A line of guard catalysts and materials for catalytic reactors developed

Commerce, Logistics and Retail

Digital Filling Station and Digital Supply Chain programmes

  • A Digital Core for Commerce and Logistics developed
  • A Digital Fleet prototype developed on the basis of the Failure Detection in Vessel Operations and Smart Monitoring of Cargo Operations digital scenarios
  • 100% of BP filling stations allow payment from inside the car
  • Rosneft's retail chain was first in Russia to launch a fuel payment service via a mobile app for corporate customers

Automation and robotisation

> 2,900
filling stations,
81 oil depots
Measurement automationat year-end 2019
99 %
of material flows at filling stations and 79 % of material flows at oil depots covered with measuring equipmentat year-end 2019
  • A prototype of an automated information system keeping track of petroleum product suppliers’ inventories developed

Improve accounting systems to reduce losses

  • A pilot automated information system for oil depot facilities implemented
100 % of gasoline tanker trucks
equipped with fuel level sensors connected to the in-vehicle monitoring system
Gasoline tanker