Strategy of the Company

Sustainable Development

Strategic Objective

Ensuring global leadership in accident-free operations, safe workplace conditions, protecting health of local residents in the regions where the Company operates, and minimising environmental footprint.

An integrated approach to sustainable development

Gas investment program.
APG utilisation facilities built in 2019
Environmental efficiency improvement programme
73 %
reduction of fugitive methane emissions in Exploration and Production operations
Energy saving programme
0.9 mmtoe
energy savings within the programme
Marine biodiversity conservation programme
>100 mln.
total investments within the programme in 2019

Advanced technology powering sustainability initiatives

  • developing an integrated technology for the treatment of oil sludge containing natural-occurring radionuclides
  • developing a comprehensive, scalable technology for the prolonged-action disposal of drilling waste
  • developing chemical methods of oil spill response with a focus on dispersants for offshore areas
  • creating a microbial agent for eliminating hydrocarbon pollution in the Arctic seas
  • testing a telemonitoring solution to detect gas leaks using laser gas sensors
  • testing an APG desulphurisation plant using a microporous membrane technology

Strategic Objective

Strengthening environmental and social responsibility positions

  • Rosneft has joined the Guiding Principles on Reducing Methane Emissions across the Natural Gas Value Chain – an initiative of leading international oil and gas companies
  • Rosneft regularly updates its public statement on the Company’s contribution towards achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (the document can be found on the Company’s website)
>3.1 mmt СО2-eq.
greenhouse gas emissions avoided since the strategy launch
RUB 55 bln
contribution to occupational health and safety
1 mln trees
planted in 2019 as part of forest conservation initiatives

The Company’s achievements are confirmed by international ratings

  • CDP ratings in Climate and Water categories

    the best score among Russian companies, two notches higher than the average score of European peers in the Climate Change category

    a leader among global oil and gas majors in the international Water Security category

  • Corporate Human Rights Benchmark: the best Russian company
  • ESG score from Refinitiv Rosneft among Top 5 in the industry
  • An industry leader according to Bloomberg