About the Company

Assets and regions of operation

23 countries of operation
78 regions of operation in Russia
6% share in global oil production
13 refineries in Russia
Average hydrocarbon production growth in 2010–2020, %
Sources: company reports; Wood Mackenzie (Gazprom).

Hydrocarbon production in 2020, mmboe per day
Source: company reports for 2020.

Hydrocarbon production costs in 2020, USD per boe
Source: company reports for 2020.
Hydrocarbon reserves, bboe as at 1 January 2021Data on Rosneft is provided according to the Russian resource classification system (АВ1С1+В2С2) as at 1 January 2021, data on other companies is based on Wood Mackenzie’s appraisal and includes commercial and sub-commercial reserves.