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Rosneft Bonds and Credit Ratings

In 2012, Rosneft placed two Eurobond issues as part of its Eurobond Programme for a total of USD 10 bln: USD 1 bln maturing in 2017 and USD 2 bln maturing in 2022. As at 31 December 2020, the only outstanding issue was the USD 2 bln maturing in 2022.

Between 2006 and 2010, former subsidiaries of TNK-BP Group placed eight Eurobond issues for a total of USD 5.5 bln maturing in 2011–2020. As at 31 December 2020, all bonds have been redeemed.

In 2012–2017, Rosneft launched four Ruble Bond Programmes and completed 41 issues of corporate and exchange-traded ruble bonds for a total of RUB 2,261 bln. Four of the issues worth RUB 400 bln were redeemed in December 2020 in line with the offering documents.

In November 2017, the Company registered its fifth multi-currency Exchange-Traded Bond Programme with a total par value of RUB 1.3 trln. Under the programme, Rosneft placed ten issues of ruble bonds for a total of RUB 795 bln between December 2017 and December 2020.

In November 2020, the Company registered its sixth multi-currency Exchange-Traded Bond Programme with a total par value of RUB 0.8 trln. Under this programme, Rosneft placed two issues of ruble bonds for a total of RUB 800 bln in November 2020.

BBB– credit rating by S&P Global, outlook stable
Baa3 credit rating by Moody’s, outlook stable
In January 2021, S&P Global reviewed the risk outlook for the oil and gas sector to the downside which negatively affected credit ratings of a number of international oil and gas companies. Rosneft’s credit rating was reconfirmed at the same level.

Throughout the year, Rosneft’s credit ratings by S&P Global and Moody’s international rating agencies were at an investment grade and on a par with the sovereign rating of the Russian Federation: BBB-, outlook stable, and Baa3, outlook stable, respectively. On top of that, Expert RA, Russian rating agency, maintained Rosneft's creditworthiness at the highest level (ruAAA) with a stable outlook.
Issue Number Par Value, bln Currency Issue Date Maturity Date CouponFor the coupon period applicable as at 31 December 2020., %
Eurobonds (issued by Rosneft International Finance DAC)
Series 2 2 USD December 2012 March 2022 4.199
04, 05 20 RUB October 2012 October 2022No put option available. 7.90
07, 08 30 RUB March 2013 March 2023No put option available. 7.30
06As at 31 December 2020, part of the issue has been redeemed before maturity., 09As at 31 December 2020, part of the issue has been redeemed before maturity., 10As at 31 December 2020, part of the issue has been redeemed before maturity. 40 RUB June 2013 May 2023No put option available. 7.00
Exchange-traded bonds
BO-05, BO-06 40 RUB December 2013 December 2023 6.65
BO-01, BO-07 35 RUB February 2014 February 2024 8.90
BO-02, BO-03, BO-04, BO-09 65 RUB December 2014 November 2024No put option available. 9.40
BO-08, BO-10, BO-11, BO-12, BO-13, BO-14 160 RUB December 2014 November 2024No put option available. 9.40
BO-15Bonds redeemed as at 31 December 2020., BO-16Bonds redeemed as at 31 December 2020.
BO-17Bonds redeemed as at 31 December 2020., BO-24Bonds redeemed as at 31 December 2020.
400 RUB December 2014Coupon payments every three months. December 2020No put option available. 7.85
BO-18, BO-19,
BO-20, BO-21,
BO-22, BO-23,
BO-25, BO-26
400 RUB January 2015Coupon payments every three months. January 2021 6.30
001Р-01 600 RUB December 2016Coupon payments every three months. November 2026 4.35
001Р-02 30 RUB December 2016 December 2026 9.39
001Р-03 20 RUB December 2016 December 2026No put option available. 9.50
001Р-04 40 RUB May 2017 April 2027 8.65
001Р-05 15 RUB May 2017Coupon payments every three months. May 2025No put option available. 8.60
001Р-06, 001Р-07 266 RUB July 2017 July 2027 8.50
001Р-08 100 RUB October 2017 September 2027 4.35
002Р-01, 002Р-02 600 RUB December 2017 November 2027 4.35
002Р-03 30 RUB December 2017 December 2027 7.75
002Р-04 50 RUB February 2018 February 2028 7.50
002Р-05 20 RUB March 2018 February 2028 7.30
002Р-06, 002Р-07 30 RUB April 2019Coupon payments every three months. March 2029 8.70
002Р-08 25 RUB July 2019 July 2029 7.95
002Р-09 25 RUB October 2019Coupon payments every three months. October 2029 7.10
002Р-10 15 RUB June 2020Coupon payments every three months. May 2030 5.80
003Р-01, 003Р-02 800 RUB November 2020 November 2030 4.35