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information policy and transparency

Rosneft is committed to prompt and reliable disclosure of information. The Board of Directors has approved Rosneft's Information Policy and oversees the Company’s compliance with it to assist shareholders, investors, and stakeholders in making informed investment and management decisions.

The Company relies on various disclosure channels and methods to ensure unrestricted and easy access to information disclosed in accordance with the applicable laws, rules of the Moscow Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and internal regulations.

To ensure that Russian and foreign shareholders and investors are treated equally, the Company simultaneously discloses all information in Russian and English.

The Company uses its official website and the website of Interfax Corporate Information Disclosure CentreThe documents are available at: to publish the Company’s Charter and other internal regulations, annual and quarterly reports (issuer's reports), sustainability reports, annual and quarterly RAS financial statements, IFRS consolidated financial statements and relevant Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), presentations, press releases, information on affiliates, and other data that may have an impact on the performance of Rosneft securities.

The Company has established a reliable system of preventing the unlawful use and distribution of insider information and regularly monitors persons having access to it.

The Company is committed to promoting information disclosure by its controlled entities through continuous methodological support.

The Company also discloses additional information that is not required by law or stock exchange rules:

  • data on operating and financial performance with notes of the Company’s top management to annual and interim financial statements;
  • the Company’s policy on sustainable development, health and safety;
  • the Company’s operational structure.

The Company holds conference calls with institutional investors and its representatives take part in major investment conferences by means of video-conferencing.

The Company published and held:
  • 613 press releases and news on its official website;
  • 5 media interviews of its top managers and directors;
  • 6 press conferences, media briefings of the Company’s management and representatives of its major shareholders;
  • 4 regular financial performance presentations.
Key principles of the Information Policy are prompt disclosure, accessibility, reliability, and relevance of information.
Rosneft’s Information Policy
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