Information for shareholders and investors

Shareholder relations, key events in 2020

The Company has established a multi-level system to protect the rights of its shareholders.

Shareholder rights guaranteed by law

Pursuant to the Russian laws, the Company’s shareholders have the right to:

  • vote at the General Shareholders Meeting on a one-share-one-vote basis;
  • propose items for the agenda of the General Shareholders Meeting and nominate candidates to the Board of Directors (if a shareholder owns at least 2% of voting shares);
  • exercise pre-emptive rights to buy shares in case issues of new shares or convertible instruments;
  • receive dividends declared by the Company, in proportion to the number of shares held;
  • review information and materials provided in preparation for the General Shareholders Meeting;
  • obtain information on the Company’s operations upon request and as established by the Russian laws;
  • freely dispose of Rosneft’s shares;
  • exercise other rights granted under the Russian law.

Additional rights guaranteed by the Company’s Charter and internal regulations

The Company offers equal and fair opportunities for its shareholders to exercise their legal rights, e.g. by securing additional rights and procedures in the Charter and internal regulations, specifically the right to:

  • receive part of the Company’s profit as dividend;
  • receive necessary information on the Company on a timely and regular basis;
  • participate in managing the Company’s operations.

Independent and professional Board of Directors

The composition of the Board of Directors and the number of Board members reflect the Company’s shareholding structure. Electing Board members by cumulative voting guarantees the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders.

The Board of Directors consists of four independent directors of internationally recognised business standing.

Official channels of communication with shareholders

The Company has established efficient means of communicating with its shareholders.

The Company has several communication channels in place to facilitate the exercise of corporate rights and promote efficient shareholder relations, including:

To gain access to their Shareholder's Personal Account, shareholders need to request login and password from the Moscow Head Office or regional branches of the Company’s registrar, LLC Reestr-RN.

For clients of nominee shareholders, access to the Shareholder’s Personal Account is granted by the registrar upon the disclosure of information thereon by relevant nominee shareholders.

The rules governing the procedure of registering a Shareholder’s Personal Account can be found on the website of LLC Reestr-RN or on the Company’s website.

Any questions concerning access to the Shareholder’s Personal Account can be addressed to:

In 2020, the Corporate Governance Department handled 4,355 applications, including:

  • 3,265 phone calls;
  • 491 letters;
  • 123 e-mails;
  • 476 requests claiming unpaid dividends for prior periods.
Shareholder requests in 2020, %
Shareholder’s Personal Account

With Shareholder’s Personal Account put into operation in 2019, Rosneft's shareholders can now exercise their rights online: take part in the General Shareholders Meeting, receive updates on their account, monitor dividend payouts, submit requests, and request advice.

In 2020, the Shareholder's Personal Account was updated to include new functions, which allow shareholders of record to:

  • use the registrar's services remotely and pay for them online;
  • request and receive 2-NDFL earnings certificate in a convenient way;
  • exercise their rights in relation to several Shareholder's Personal Accounts within one session (one account).

All users of the Shareholder’s Personal Account, regardless of where their shares are stored, can now enjoy a more informative service (with corporate events added to the news feed and calendar), and an improved interface of the shareholder meeting section (with new notifications, brief voting instructions, and a service that allows users to request information on and see materials related to a particular meeting agenda item using the electronic voting ballot).

Shareholders can log into their Shareholder’s Personal Account

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Company’s

Protecting shareholders’ title to shares

The Company practices reliable and safe methods of recording title to its shares and has engaged a professional registrar to maintain its Shareholder Register.

Protecting shareholders’ title to shares

The registrar is LLC Reestr-RN acting under a perpetual licence to register security holders.

LLC Reestr-RN has been operating in the registrar services market for 20 years and ranks among the top ten Russian registrars. The company keeps registers for more than 1.7 thousand issuers, with an inventory of 542 thousand personal accounts to record the rights of their shareholders. Shareholder service offices and transfer agent offices of LLC Reestr-RN operate in the regions where the majority of Company shareholders reside and include the Head Office, 13 branches, 44 transfer agent offices at regional branches of LLC Reestr-RN’s partner registrars, 5 transfer agent offices at Rosneft’s partner banks, and a contact and service centre for Rosneft shareholders.

The Company, together with LLC Reestr-RN, regularly notifies its shareholders of the need to update their personal data recorded in the Shareholders Register of Rosneft.

Resolutions of the General Shareholders Meeting

Rosneft Regulation of Information to Rosneft Shareholders

Contact Details of the Registrar and its Service Offices