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Development of international projects in promising oil and gas regions

Rosneft is a global energy company with a diversified portfolio of international assets. The Company’s mid-term strategic objectives in international expansion include managing its current asset portfolio effectively. Over the longer term, the Company seeks to expand its international presence in the world’s most promising oil and gas regions, grow its resource base, and improve overall performance.

Our main goal of building a sustainable and profitable international presence is the creation of additional value for our shareholders while acquiring new knowledge and expertise for more effective project development both in Russia and abroad. Operating in regions such as South America, North and East Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific Region, the Company actively develops local partnerships that are aimed at mutually beneficial implementation of development projects.

Oil Platform

The Zohr project in Egypt

In October 2017, Rosneft signed on as a full partner with a 30% stake in the project.

The Zohr field was discovered by Eni in 2015. It covers an area of 231 sq km, with sea depths ranging from 1.2 to 1.7 km and a gas deposit located at a depth of 3.4 to 4 km. Zohr is one the biggest offshore fields in the Mediterranean Sea. Gas production at the field started in December 2017.

In 2020, two new production wells were commissioned, bringing the total number of wells to 15. The entire range of Zohr’s production wells, production capacities and infrastructure facilities allow it to produce, process and supply up to 90 mmcm of gas per day to the gas transportation system of Egypt.

Actual production in 2020 (100% of the project) totalled 21.7 bcm of gas and 0.2 mmt of gas condensate (Rosneft’s share: 3.89 bcm of gas and 0.04 mmt of gas condensate).

The entire volume of gas production goes to Egypt’s national gas system. The due amount of gas is monetised under a long-term state-guaranteed gas supply agreement with EGAS, an Egyptian state-owned company. Exploration on the Shorouk Block (including the drilling of a prospecting well) are planned to go on until the end of July 2022.

Actual production in 2020 (100% of the project) totalled
21.7 bcm
of gas
0.2 mmt
of gas condensate
In 2020, the project switched to a self-financing scheme
Offshore projects in Vietnam

Rosneft participates in exploration and a joint international gas and condensate production project at Block 06.1 in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Rosneft Vietnam B.V. as the project operator holds 35%, ONGC – 45%, PVN – 20%). The project is implemented in line with the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA). Block 06.1 contains three gas condensate fields, which are located 370 km offshore in the Nam Con Son Basin at a water depth of up to 190 m.

Actual Block 06.1 production in 2020 (100% of the project) totalled 3.2 bcm of gas and 0.03 mmt of gas condensate (Rosneft’s share: 0.6 bcm of gas and 0.01 mmt of gas condensate).

On 22 June 2020, Rosneft Vietnam B.V. marked 18 years of safe offshore operations with no lost-time injuries, an important milestone in its activity at Block 06.1.

During the exploration at Block 06.1 in 2019, the Company drilled a prospecting well on PLD’s Clastic Centre area, which showed that it contains a profitable hydrocarbon deposit. Rosneft Vietnam B.V. is now negotiating the timeline for drilling an exploration well with Vietnamese regulators.

In 2013, the Company signed a production sharing agreement for the development of Block 05.3/11. The project is currently at the exploration stage. The licence area is located in the region with confirmed oil and gas bearing potential and extensive infrastructure, and borders on the currently developed fields of Block 06.1.

As part of the second exploration phase at Block 05.3/11 in 2020, the Company finished drilling three exploration wells.

Rosneft also participates in the offshore Nam Con Son pipeline project, which involves the transportation of gas and gas condensate produced at offshore blocks in the Nam Con Son Basin to the onshore processing facility and then to gas turbine power plants for electricity generation. Shares of the project participants: Rosneft Vietnam Pipelines B.V. – 32.7%, Perenco – 16.3%, PVN – 51%.

The pipeline has a capacity of 7.7 bcm per year, carrying ca. 5.6 bcm of gas in 2020, including the gas produced from Block 06.1 and other operators in the Nam Con Son Basin. Its operational efficiency is 100%.

Actual production in 2020 (100% of the project) totalled
3.2 bcm
of gas
and 0.03 mmt
of gas condensate
18 years
of safe offshore operations with no lost-time injuries
Offshore projects in Mozambique

Rosneft participates in a consortium implementing an exploration project at three offshore blocks (А5-В, Z5-C, Z5-D) in Mozambique which were obtained following the fifth licensing round. The consortium includes Rosneft – 20%, ExxonMobil (operator) – 40%, Mozambique’s state-owned ENH – 20%, Qatar Petroleum – 10%, Eni – 10%.

In 2020, the consortium finished processing and interpreting seismic data for the blocks.


Through its subsidiary, Rosneft Brasil E&P Ltda, Rosneft engages in a prospecting and exploration project at licence areas in the Solimões River Basin (State of Amazonas), holding a 100% stake and operatorship in these licences. Exploration in the past years led to a number of gas discoveries. In 2020, the Company continued studying the geological structure and the oil and gas bearing potential of the basin.

Iraq (Kurdistan)

Since 2017, Rosneft has been running a hydrocarbon exploration and production project in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Company is the project operator, holding an 80% stake in five PSAs.

In 2020, it successfully finished the production piloting and started drilling the first exploration well at the Bejil field.

The Company also continued seismic surveying and preparing for exploration drilling as part of the first subphase under the PSA.


Bashneft International B.V. is the project operator and holds a 100% stake in the hydrocarbon exploration and production agreement for Block 12.

In December 2019, the second exploration well, Salman-2, was completed and tested by the Company at Block 12 in Iraq’s south. In late 2019, following the testing, the Company submitted to the Iraqi side an application for potential commercial discovery and a further exploration programme for the next two years. As part of the further exploration programme, the Company commenced 3D and 2D seismic surveys in 2020. It plans to continue exploration drilling in 2021.


The Company participates in a project at Block EP-4 in Central Myanmar through its subsidiary Bashneft. A respective PSA was signed in 2014 between Bashneft International B.V. (90%, operator), Sun Apex Holdings Limited (10%) and national regulator Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise. The first phase of exploration is now underway. In 2021, as part of the first phase, the Company plans to drill a prospecting well on one of the most promising areas of Block EP-4.

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