Gas sales

Gas sales, bcm
Gas revenue, RUB bln
Under our Long-term Development Strategy we aim to become a leading independent gas supplier on the domestic market.

Rosneft supplies natural gas, dry stripped gas, and associated petroleum gas produced at the Company's assets in Russia to consumers in Russia and abroad (via its international assets). Associated petroleum gas is processed both at the Company’s own gas treatment facilities and by external parties, such as SIBUR Holding and Surgutneftegas.

The bulk of natural and dry stripped gas is transported to Russian consumers via Gazprom’s gas transportation system under a gas transportation contract. The products are supplied both to Russian end consumers and regional sales companies in over 40 regions. The bulk of gas sold abroad is supplied by production facilities in Egypt and Vietnam.

In 2020, gas consumption was affected by warm weather early in the year and a reduction in gas demand brought about by COVID-19 restrictions. Consequently, Rosneft’s natural gas sales in the domestic market decreased to 51.98 bcm, or RUB 184.5 bln.

International gas sales amounted to 4.45 bcm, with the bulk of the product coming from the Zohr field.

The Sverdlovsk Region remains our key region in terms of gas sales. Our supplies cover approximately 80% of local gas demand from both industrial facilities and households.

To maximise gas monetisation, Rosneft has developed a commodity transport flow optimisation system used for calculating the operational gas balance.

We continued trading in natural gas at the St Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (the exchange launched gas trading in 2014). In 2020, we sold 1.4 bcm, which represents 9% of the total trading volume.

Реализация газа