Operating results

Rosneft’s Exploration and Reserve Replacement

In 2020, the Company confirmed its leading positions in resource base and exploration efficiency.

13.3 bt
total oil and gas condensate reserves in Russia
24.9 bln tonnes
offshore oil and gas condensate resources
4.3 bln tonnes
offshore oil and gas condensate resources
8.7 tcm
total gas reserves in Russia
19.6 tcm
offshore gas resources
1.8 tcm
onshore gas resources
152 bboe
(20.5 btoe) AB1C1+В2C2 hydrocarbon reserves
556 mmtoeWithin the Company (excluding acquisitions/divestments).
replacement of AB1C1 hydrocarbon reserves
214Within the Company (excluding acquisitions/divestments).%
hydrocarbon reserve replacement ratio according to the Russian resource classification system
19 fields and 208 new deposits
with total reserves over 2 btoe discovered through successful exploration
1,133 licences
in Russia (including 55 offshore licences)