Timan-Pechora Province

Timan-Pechora Province


Bashneft-Polyus operates a development project covering the Trebs and Titov fields located in the Nenets Autonomous Area.

In 2020, it produced 1.1 mmtoe of hydrocarbons, including 1 mmt of liquid hydrocarbons. The 10-millionth tonne of oil was extracted at the Trebs and Titov fields.

Bashneft-Polyus brought on stream 24 new wells, up 9%, with the average flow rate rising by 15% from 147 to 170 t per day. The company drilled a horizontal well at the Trebs field. The well is a naturally flowing well delivering a record flow rate of 438 t per day.

The efficiency of well interventions to recover production grew by 150% to 5.4 kt per well (2.2 kt per well in 2019). The number of operations boosting production increased to 28 (up +6 % vs 2019).

1.1 mmtoe
of hydrocarbons produced in 2020
The Trebs and Titov fields:
tonne of oil extracted
Timan-Pechora Province