Focus on Digital Transformation and Technology

2020 result

>RUB 40
of effect from target innovative projects implemented over the last three years
tested in 2020
implemented and rolled out in 2020


Digital Field, remote drilling and production control centres, IIoT, Big Data

  • Digital field managementBased on the results of implementation at a pilot Bashneft site
surface infrastructure facilities digitalised as part of digital field management
reduction in in-shift oil losses
Reduction in logistics costs
reduction in costs related to on-site response interventions into reservoir pressure maintenance system

Enhancement of in-house technology capabilities

55 t per day
in a flow mode (or 6.8 t per day per hydraulic fracturing stage) of the average initial flow rate for MSHF horizontal wells in the RN-Yuganskneftegaz's Bazhenov suite
>21,000 hydraulic fracturing operations
carried out using the RN-GRID hydraulic fracturing simulator during strategy implementation
  • A low-permeability reservoir development technology involving the use of horizontal production and injection wells and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing was deployed
  • A new software module, Decision Support in Development of New Areas of Low-Permeable Reservoirs, was added to the RN-KIN corporate software package.

Oil Refining and Petrochemicals

Digital Plant

6 refineries
rolled out advanced process management systems
Rolling out the standard solution for optimised blending of heavy petroleum products at
5 refineries
24 digital twins
of process units designed and upgraded at refineries
  • Production process engineering models are being introduced, a system for optimised mixing of heavy petroleum products put into operation

Global asset performance management system to extend functional operation times between repairs

The Meridium-based system to improve the efficiency of process equipment performance management for comprehensive monitoring of critical equipment began pilot operation


Automation and robotisation

+38 oil depots
automated measurements
  • ~100% of material flows at filling stations and ca. 90% oil depots covered with measuring instruments
  • We implemented a dedicated automation system for retail filling stations
  • We tested software robots designed to manage inventories and procurement procedures

Digital Filling Station and Digital Supply Chain programmes

~1,500 filling stations
connected to the remote fuel payment service

Advanced technology powering sustainability initiatives

  • We developed a technology for producing eco-friendly drilling fluids from vegetable oils using biodegradable components
  • We successfully pilot tested a set of innovative technologies and tools to identify and quantify methane leaks
  • The trials of a unique microbial agent based on indigenous psychrophilic microorganisms for eliminating hydrocarbon pollution in the marine environment and cold climate began
  • To enhance industrial safety, we are implementing a pilot computer vision platform, which automatically detects people in hazardous areas, checks whether they use personal protective equipment, and notifies of any emergencies
  • Pilot testing of an APG desulphurisation plant using a microporous membrane technology began
  • The Company developed a commercial technology to manufacture dispersant compositions to be used in emergency oil clean-up operations at sea