Sustainable development

Social and Economic Development of Regions and Charity in 2020

The Company’s systematic approach to making a social impact helps reduce social risks and achieve our key charitable goals as we remain committed to fully implementing both the social and economic programmes under our agreements with regional authorities and individual charitable initiatives. In our charitable activities, we mainly seek to:

  • promote social and economic development in our regions of operation;
  • foster partner relation with local governments;
  • help advance the federal education policy;
  • support federal programmes for healthcare, physical training and sports, science and technology, environmental protection, etc.

Our social policy is about delivering high living standards across the footprint (including for employees of Group Subsidiaries), maintaining a strong focus on the society's needs, and getting the most out of our projects. We pay special attention to improving the infrastructure of municipal districts and settlements and provide funds to upgrade municipal territories, repair or replace engineering and transportation system equipment and power and heat supply facilities, protect communities and territories from emergencies, and ensure fire safety.

In 2020, Rosneft and the Group Subsidiaries continued their charitable tradition of financing projects to build, repair, equip or support kindergartens, orphanages and schools. Promoting mass sports, physical training, healthy lifestyles, culture, science, and higher education, reviving cultural heritage and protecting the environment also remained high on our agenda.

The Company’s social policy seeks to preserve the traditions, culture and heritage of indigenous peoples in its regions of operation, with the well-being and comfort of the northerners as a clear priority. We use the local natural resources with utmost care and make a point of restoring them. Rosneft maintains an active dialogue with, and provides full support to indigenous minorities of the North, enabling them to live their lives as they always have. We work to ensure that domestic reindeer herding and other indigenous trades remain an important part of their lifestyle, which we look to preserve along with their national languages and folklore. At the same time, Rosneft promotes higher education and healthcare in the region, and seeks to make the latest digital technology available in remote locations so the people can access e-government services and distance learning. The Company also continues to help protect public health in Russia. In 2020, we introduced a wide range of administrative and sanitary measures and restrictions to prevent COVID-19 from penetrating into, and spreading across our production facilities.

Rosneft also put much effort into assisting the country’s regional authorities across its footprint with their fight against the virus. We supported them in rolling out a full set of measures to protect the local communities and vital infrastructure. Among other things, we provided mobile CT units and other medical and personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare institutions and aid to medical workers at the forefront of the pandemic response.

Allocation of Funds in 2020, %

With our support, ambulance crews and infectious diseases wards in hospitals received the latest PPE (protective suits and goggles, waterproof overalls, heavy-duty aprons, valved respirators, multi-layered face masks, particle filtering half masks, helmets, shoe covers, coats, etc.), as well as sprayers, blood pressure gauges, and antiseptics. This helped reduce COVID-19 rates among healthcare workers and contributed to successful anti-epidemic measures.